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Here at The King Arthur we have a wide selection of draught products including 4 lagers from around the world , local ciders, craft IPAs and of course Guinness.  


Amstel is a pilsner style lager named after  the Amstel River, the water of which was used for cooling production at the first Amstel Brewery founded 11 June 1870 in Amsterdam.


Kronenbourg 1664 is a golden pale lager with an alcohol percentage of 5.00% ABV. It was first brewed in 1664 in the Alsace region of France by master brewer Geronimus Hatt.


Birra Moretti uses darker hops, this colouring is a result of the type of malt used in brewing. Its alcohol content is 4.6% alcohol by volume. It is perfect for enjoying with meals or for evenings out with friends


Hell is a clean, malty, gold colored German -style larger with a percentage of 5, it has a grainy-sweet flavor and a soft dry finish. 


Sheppy's famous Classic Draught Cider is produced in Somerset from apples grown at home on the farm at Three Bridges. A traditional blend of cider and dessert apple varieties produces this thirst-quenching sharing cider with an ABV of 5.5%


Thatchers Gold is full of flavour made with specially selected apples, many of which are harvested from our own family orchards on Somerset. Made using traditional techniques and expertise gained since 1904, this crafted medium dry cider has a smooth and refreshing taste.


Our distinctive American pale ale is full of big hop character but without the strong bitterness. Carefully selected American hops are added continuously during the boil and also during conditioning (dry hopping) to give a really fresh aromatic boost.

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